Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy

  • Organizations seeking certification shall agree to support the GICIA India Pvt. Ltd (GIPL) Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy. Adherence to this policy shall support the efforts of GIPLs auditors in undertaking impartial assessment of conformance during the certification audit.
  • GIPL is fully committed to comply with anti-bribery and corruption laws in every country in which it operates. GIPL has implemented a strict “CODE OF CONDUCT” for its auditors which prohibit the acceptance of gifts, payment or benefit of any kind.
  • No GIPL employee, director, contractor or subsidiary shall promise, offer or pay, whether directly or indirectly, any bribe to any person in order to obtain benefit for GIPL. No GIPL employee, director, contractor, affiliate or subsidiary shall receive or solicit to receive payment of money, money equivalent, gifts or anything else of value from any person or company in connection with the performance of services on behalf of GIPL other than the contractually established fee for services rendered and legitimate expenses to be reimbursed in connection with the performance of such services.
  • Customary, small, token, infrequent gifts of nominal value that are not provided with any expectation of return favor fall outside the scope of this policy.
  • The promise, offer, solicitation, payment or acceptance of any bribe is a violation of GIPL policy and may lead to appropriate disciplinary action, up to termination.


Reporting of unethical practices:

All GIPL employees, contractors and subsidiaries must report to the GIPL Quality Assurance team for any incident when a bribe was offered to them or solicited from them.

Report the issues to:

                                      GIPL Quality Assurance Team

                                      GICIA India Pvt.  Ltd.

                                      505, 5th Floor, Matrix Tower, B – 4,

                                      Sector – 132, Noida – 201304 (U.P.), India