Compliance for Pathogen Controlled Workplace

Pathogen controlled workplace is the need of the hour to manage business in COVID crisis and ensure the safety of associated lives.
Exports Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH) has come up with a comprehensive standard on Compliance for Pathogen controlled Workplace (CPCW) to provide assistance to the handicraft industry and related product manufacturers to aid their way to pathogen free work spaces. GIPL is the only authorized certification body for Compliance for Pathogen Controlled Workplace (CPCW) certification scheme.  It was an initiative to address the future health emergency beforehand, like the industry is facing today in form of COVID19 pandemic.

SANITIZATION is the key for Conducive Workplace

Pathogens are the disease causing microorganisms including viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and worms, that can be equally harmful to the well-being of your business also.

Compliance for Pathogen Controlled Workplace comes with required control plan for: Infrastructure, Staff, Non-living materials, Warehouse, Processing Unit, Movement of goods, Finished products, Visitors, Gatherings and Outsourcers.

The CPCW certification standard provides the requirements to adhere to, for the handling, production, storage and trade of products in order to ensure pathogen free supply chain. The requirements covers the workplace of manufacturers and their ancillary units as well.

You can avail all the benefits under this certification scheme only with us.

As we are looking forward to the Post COVID world now, it comes as a legitimate duty of providing safe and compliant products to gain the trust of the buyers once again, that highly requires the health and safety of people in the value chain as well.

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